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Music school



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Piano Challenge



  • You should learn to play your favorite tunes. That’s give you good motivation to go through a hard parts

  • You need remember the tune you’re playing. That’s help you to understand when to press the keys

  • Don’t rush to play everything at once. Learn only the parts that the brain is able to master.

  • It’s difficult to play immediately with both hands simultaneously. Try to play one small part only with your right hand first. After you get to play, add left hand

  • You should start your learning under the supervision of an experienced person (1-7 lessons). They may correct your technical mistakes

Levels of FTAB:

0 – one hand melody (That is not piano playing yet)

1 – one hand plays static chords

2 – play movable chords

3 – easy arpeggio, usynchronous rhythm, jumps

4 – hard arpeggio, unstable rhythm, gammas

5 – improvisation© The wide dissemination of the document is encouraged, but acknowledgement of the source is requested