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Hi! My name is Damir

And I want to present you FTAB (fortepiano tablature) – an easy way of playing the piano/synthesizer without a need of learning music notation.

Any person who wish to play his favorite songs on the piano can easily “read” the FTAB without any tutor.

To start playing piano using FTAB - that’s like to start speaking foreign language without grammatic learning.

Especially the project should be suitable for those who are familiar with guitar tablature and chords.

It takes about 15 minutes for someone who’s  never played instrument to understand how to play his first tune. FTAB is simple and easy to follow so you can learn your first short tune in a couple of hours (maybe in one day).

Check it out yourself right now and see how it works. Here is the sample:

First of all you need to remember the melody. You should listen how it sounds:

Then you need to download FTAB here

And now try to «read» FTAB and slowly play part by part on piano

Attention! Tablature cells contains the octave numbers. That is not a number of key pushing

Additional information:

  1. The table for each hand consists of 12 columns like octave of the piano. Octave is a repeated block of keys on the piano keyboard

See the relevant piano keys on the pic:

Columns related to the black keys are highlighted in gray

  1. Each  line for two hands displays the keys  you need to press at the same time – keystrokes line. One line - one combination of keystrokes.  

  2. Each keystroke is numbered according to the octaves of the keyboard. See the picture to check the location of octaves on the keyboard:

  1. «v» means a continuation of the previous keystroke, which gives a long sound.

  2. To play the tune you need to pass all keystrokes lines in the order from top to bottom.

  3. Make sure you don’t forget to keep the rhythm (you should remember the melody)

  4. Additional columns are placed on the side: Chord  (Ch), Value (V), Dynamics (D), Pedal (P - L,C,R), Finger numbers (L,R), Part, Lyrics, Comment etc

If you think it’s too difficult to play with both hands simultaneously try to play one small part only with your right hand first.

After you get to play, add left hand. Keep slowly and you will succeed!

If you've done this exercise – I am glad to welcome you to the community of pianists - you are our client!

So you may/ should/ need/ want support the project by donate on paypal or on indiegogo.com

If not – don't give up and try another way to play piano

My goals in this project:

  • Gaining experience and financial rewards for future projects

  • Helping people to brake the barrier of playing the piano. As I  think music notation is too difficult for beginners

  • Creating  learning system that will allow you to quickly and effectively teach the technique of playing the piano

  • Myself - to have time to continue my learning

  • Getting into the encyclopedias

Now we try to create the system that helps you to pass way from easy tunes to improvisation:

  1. To start playing your first favorite easy song level 1 – 1-7 days

  2. To be able to play your favorite easy tunes on piano using FTAB level 2/3 – 1-7 months (like this)

  3. To play your favorite songs on piano well using accords (accompaniment) level 1/2– 7-12 months (for example, so)

  4. To be able to play complex tunes level 4 – 7-12 months (something like this)

  5. To start to improvise

Really I start playing piano not so long.

I remember and understand all troubles that stand in the way of a beginner

And I want to transfer my experience to this learning system to make it well until I forget my way

What I want now is to raise 250 000$ to establish the system and test it (planned start – September-December 2019):

  • To make user-friendly portal

  • To collect base of your favorite songs and tunes

  • To create great learning system. We want to realize challenge based approach

  • To develop PC app that convert tunes to ftab (.ft,.ftab, pdf, midi file formats)

  • To design Android and IOS apps

  • To buy hard and soft to support service

  • To solve organization and legal issues

In my opinion learning music notation is too long and tedious for laymans. It’s a barrier that is hard to overcome for the beginner (also you may read this)

Guitarists can play music without sheets. And I want to give this opportunity to pianists

So, support the project

+ if you are guitarist who wants to play piano

+ If you want to play piano but you don’t have enough time or money

+ If you think that it’s hard to memorize musical notation

+ If you ever had a dream to play piano but circumstances were against

+ If you liked idea of FTAB

+ If you promote evolution of music

+ If you have your own reasons – do it

Let’s do piano lessons simple and inspiring and open piano world for millions of music lovers

Also we start crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com

Damir, Ufa

e-mail: fortepiano.tab@gmail.com

Phone: +7-960-80-47-460

Hashtags #ftab, #ftabs

Other way to donate :

Paypal:  fortepiano.tab@gmail.com

Visa:  4377 7237 4357 1261  

Yandex-money:  4100 1682 7949 617

Cryptocurrencies: we'll figure something out. Write here: fortepiano.tab@gmail.com

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